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As we go through our lives, our memory is a very dependable resource.  However, occasionally it can slip off track and provide us with some distinctly strange experiences.  In this blog, we will explore some of the memory glitches and explain how these problems arise.

This study involves two sessions that will be held at SMU’s Expressway Tower (I-75 and SMU Blvd at 6116 Central Expressway, Suite 1100).  During the first session,  you will complete several short cognitive tests, including measures of vocabulary, working memory, and verbal fluency.   Although these short tests can be challenging, most people find them to be interesting and even enjoyable.  During the second session (two weeks later), you will take a memory test.  Your participation should take approximately 1 hour for the first session and 30-45 minutes for the second session.  As an incentive for participation, you will have the opportunity to receive brief feedback and recommendations based on the cognitive testing.  Eligible participants are adults ages 60 and above.

If you are interested in participating, please enter your information below and hit the submit button.  We will be in contact with you shortly to provide more information and schedule your first session.  Please feel free to extend this invitation to family or friends (ages 60 and above).

Please contact Katie Croft ( or with any questions.  Thank you!

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