Music Ed Students Perform Uplifting Final Projects Using Acapella App

The Master of Music in Music Education course, Orff Schulwerk: A Historical Perspective, usually involves quite a bit of face-to-face music making. Since the pandemic made that impossible this year, the class had to find a creative alternative.

“We found out we couldn’t make music synchronously using Zoom, so we decided to use the Acapella app for our final projects,” said Dr. Julie Scott, professor and co-chair of music education. “Students used the instruments they had on hand, as well as their voices and ‘found sounds,’ to illustrate a children’s story called Rain Talk.”

Students contributed individual works, such as this one from Shannon Moriak, a 46-second video illustrating “rain” and “mountain stream,” set to music by Carl Orff and Gunild Keetman:

The whole class also collaborated on a two-minute choral piece, using the app to record and sync their audio and video, and then “performing” it together via Zoom for their final exam:

The entire 14-minute final project, including narration of the story by Professor Scott, is posted here:

4 thoughts on “Music Ed Students Perform Uplifting Final Projects Using Acapella App

  1. What a treasure! Definitely a keeper. The Orff process at its best. Congratulations to each participant and the ensemble as a whole.

  2. Beautiful collaboration with the students going above and beyond! Congratulations to Julie and all the students as well! This made my day. ❤️

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