Music Production Students Create Videos, Ads, Concerts From Their Home Studios

Students in John Bryant’s two music production classes have been busy creating work from their home studios during the pandemic.

The Music Production Practices class recently collaborated with Temerlin professor Willie Baronet’s Advanced Portfolio II class to create a 15-second ad for Krispy Kreme donuts – all work was done through Zoom.

Carter Sprouse wrote the music, and it was produced by Caitlyn Kalina and Griffin Garvey.

Two other students in the Music Production Practices class created an ethereal music video titled Earth Song. It was written and performed by Andy Gambini and produced by Harrison Avery.

Just before spring break, as the pandemic shut-downs were beginning, students Hana and Amy Kim from the Analysis of Music Production class recorded a beautiful quintet chamber piece in their home with their two siblings and a friend. Hana is a violinist and Amy plays oboe.

Bryant said, “It  is a bright light of positive inspiration coming from these students in the midst of these challenging times, quite a testament to how they have used their talents to turn a bleak situation into one of hope. They have certainly inspired me!”

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