Rhonda Blair Has Woven Politics, Feminism and Theatre into Her Career

Rhonda Blair has directed and performed in over 70 productions and has created original solo and devised performance work. Her areas of interest include theatre and politics, feminism and theatre, alternative performance, and Anton Chekhov. She researches applications of cognitive science to acting, directing and text, particularly in how current research on the brain, body, thought, feeling, language, and cultural “ecologies” informs and empowers us when we make theatre. She has given keynotes and featured talks internationally for, among others, the Giving Voice conference at the Grotowski Institute (2016), the Michael Chekhov Symposium at the University of Zurich (2013), the Dialogues Between Theatre and Neuroscience Conference at Sapienza University in Rome (2013), and at the Symposium on Cognition, Kinesthetics, and Performance at University of Kent (2012). She directs in the Division of Theatre season.

Patty Harrington Delaney, Associate Professor of Dance, interviews Blair.

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