2 thoughts on “Video: Meadows at 50

  1. Ah, memories of that first year in Meadows. I began my music study in McFarland Auditorium in 1959 and graduated in 1962. After two years of Navy active duty, I returned to SMU to begin my MM degree in 1964. I believe the first part of my graduate study was located in Clements Hall, a Boys Dorm. Since all of the restrooms were designed for males, I heard that some girls had planted flowers in the urinals. Of course, I was never able to verify that.
    I remember well our move to the Meadows in 1965. We were very excited to finally be out of the dorm, and have a beautiful new Art Center. And after 50 years, It is still exciting to be able to visit Meadows today.

    Tom Council BM,MM ’62, ’65

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