Countdown to the Winspear

6_Tympani-and-standup-bassWith the May 11 performance date looming for the Meadows at the Winspear annual benefit concert, The Meadows Symphony Orchestra and the Meadows Dance Ensemble moved their rehearsal space out of Owen Arts Center and into an unusual location: a practice basketball court in the SMU Crum Basketball Center.

On Wednesday, May 4, a team from SMU Facilities, along with Assistant Director for Music Operations David Brown, transported two full-size dance floors, 90 chairs, four tables, 60 music stands, sets, costumes, props, and a grand piano and set it all up under the basketball pennants and hoops.

The Meadows at the Winspear concert will feature the critically acclaimed Meadows Symphony Orchestra, under the direction of conductor Paul Phillips, and the Meadows Dance Ensemble, composed of top students from the Meadows School’s nationally respected dance program, in two works. The first is the […]