SMU Meadows Student’s Behind the Scenes Look at SMU Dance

20634263842_a0c0ba6f73_z(2)One of the top universities offering both conservatory dance instruction and liberal arts education, the SMU Meadows Division of Dance develops disciplined, versatile artists through professional training in ballet, modern and jazz. Undergraduates can earn a B.F.A. in Dance Performance or a minor in Dance Performance.

Coursework centers on ballet, modern and jazz, all three of which are required for all first-years and sophomores. During junior and senior years, students select the techniques they wish to concentrate on. In addition to technique training, students are immersed in theoretical studies that include dance history, kinesiology, music theory/history and choreography.

Student choreography is a major component of the student experience. Working behind the scenes for months,¬†Adrian Aguirre (B.F.A. Dance and B.A. Film & Media Arts, ’16) captured a the electric moments that encapsulate SMU’s Division of Dance. Take a look.

Interested double-majoring? SMU Meadows encourages it. Several of our Dance students enjoy double-majoring in areas such as physical therapy, engineering, journalism and more.

By Nick Rallo