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Four Forward-Thinking (And Free) Workshops from a Renowned Author Gerald Klickstein


gerald-klicksteinOn Monday, November 14, Gerald Klickstein will be offering four free workshops to the SMU student body. Each 50-minute workshop will instruct students on how to develop their art how to get it funded and how to be forward-thinking and relevant in our rapidly changing society.

The SMU Meadows Arts Management and Arts Entrepreneurship department encourage all to attend.

Who is Gerald Klickstein?

A veteran performer and educator, Gerald Klickstein (@klickstein) has earned an international reputation for his integrated approach to artistic and professional development.

In 2012, he founded the Music Entrepreneurship and Career Center at the Peabody Conservatory, which helps rising musicians attain artistic and professional success. Previously, he was a member of the artist faculties of the University of North Carolina School of the Arts, The University of Texas at San Antonio, Michigan State University and Lansing Community College.

He lectures across North America and writes about diverse topics of interest to musicians, artists and educators. His work has been published by Oxford University Press, Schott and others as well as on diverse websites and in journals such as The Strad, American String Teacher and Inside Higher Ed.

His book The Musician’s Way (Oxford, 2009), now in its 12th printing, along with its companion website, has drawn global praise for its insightful handling of the challenges that today’s performers face. He posts regularly on The Musician’s Way Blog and publishes a newsletter that explores myriad aspects of living the musician’s life. 

WHAT: Workshops by Gerald Klickstein

WHERE: O’Donnell Hall, Room 2130, Owen Arts Center, Meadows School of the Arts

WHEN: Nov. 14, 2016 from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Individual Workshops

Grant Writing Strategies that Succeed
Organizations worldwide offer funding for artists to develop and present their work, yet many artists lack effective strategies to access such grant programs. This session provides artists and arts faculty with essential know-how to discover funders, design fundable projects, construct budgets, and author winning grant proposals. A concise grant-writing guide and sample budget will be provided.

Creating Arts Events that Attract New Audiences
As attendance dwindles at many established arts institutions, it’s crucial that aspiring arts professionals learn how to attract new audiences. In this workshop, Gerald Klickstein presents a practical framework to inspire and design arts presentations that appeal to a diverse range of people. We’ll uncover avenues to make our work relevant to contemporary audiences and to stand out from other artists in our genres. Participants view notable programs developed by emerging artists, draft programming ideas of their own and receive feedback on the spot.

Masterful Memorization
Research shows that expert memorizers employ skills that all performers can learn. In this session, we’ll deconstruct the memorization process and explore practical memorization techniques suited to musicians, actors and dancers alike. Attendees engage in experiential exercises, and student performers try out memorization approaches in a master class setting. A handout summarizes the session concepts.

Developing and Funding Arts Projects
Bring your project ideas to this session and delve into ways to refine, test, fund and produce them! We’ll discuss proof-of-concept issues as well as strategies to pilot artistic ventures at low cost. We’ll consider traditional and new-century money-raising strategies such as crowdfunding, touch on ways to access free legal counsel, and look at methods to measure the impact of artistic work. The session will conclude with specific action steps that participants can take to realize their creative goals.


By Nick Rallo