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51 Examples of What You Can Do with an Art History Degree

Meadows grad Morgan Beckwith at Sochi, with the slopestyle event area in the background.
Meadows grad Morgan Beckwith at Sochi, with the slopestyle event area in the background.

What career path can you take with with a B.A. in Art History at SMU Meadows? Graduates of the Art History program at SMU have found success in a variety of fields. Here are 51 success stories from our graduates. Which path will you take? SMU’s Art History MA/PhD programs are now accepting applications through January 1, 2016.

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  1. Lee Lynch (B.A., 2014) is pursuing her M.Arch at the University of Southern California.
  2. Meredith Tavallaee (B.A. ’14) is pursuing her JD at the University of Pennsylvania Law School.
  3. Sarah Montonchaikul (B.A. ’14) is on a Fulbright English Teaching Fellowship to France.
  4. Kandi Doming, far right, with fellow student archaeologists at Poggio Colla in Italy, 2013.
    Kandi Doming, far right, with fellow student archaeologists at Poggio Colla in Italy, 2013.

    Kandi Doming (B.A. ’14) is a field technician with Archaeological Research Consulting in Dallas.

  5. Morgan Beckwith (B.A. ’13) interned with NBC for the Sochi Olympics and is now with Arader Gallery in New York.
  6. Abigail Taylor (B.A. ’13) works with the Visions of the West Collection of Torch Energy Advisors in Houston.
  7. Cassandra Robinson (B.A. ’13) is a gallery assistant at James Cohan Gallery, New York.
  8. Rosemary Parravano (B.A. ’12) is pursuing her JD at Harvard Law School.
  9. Morgan Davidson (B.A. ’12) is pursuing an MA in art history and museum studies at Tufts.
  10. Natalie Boerder (B.A. ’12) is a doctoral student in art history at the University of Saint Andrews in Scotland.
  11. Tyler Rutledge (B.A. ’12) is an Assistant Buyer at Nieman Marcus.
  12. Rebecca Quinn Teresi (B.A. ’11) is a doctoral student in art history at Johns Hopkins University.
  13. Drew McColley (B.A. ’11) is an art consultant at LOFTY in Dallas.
  14. Lauren Heydenreich (B.A. ’11) is in Donor Relations at the George W. Bush Presidential Center.
  15. Rachel Allen, (B.A. ’11) is a Client Advocate at Crow Works and AT-95, Killbruck OH.
  16. Katherine Wernick (B.A. ’11) is Academic Facilities Coordinator, Office of the EVP at Academy of Art University, San Francisco.
  17. Ashley Bruckbauer (B.A. ’10) taught English in Shanghai and interned at the Dallas Museum of Art before accepting a doctoral fellowship at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill.
  18. Annalee Aston (B.A. ’10) is an Account Executive at Modern Luxury in Dallas.
  19. Leticia Salinas (B.A. ’10) is School Programs Coordinator at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History.
  20. Miranda Dunn (B.A. ’10) is in the Art Conservation program at the University of Delaware.

    Miranda Dunn, B.A. 2010
    Miranda Dunn, B.A. 2010
  21. Meagan Earls (B.A. ’10) is with the Woodland Park Zoo, Seattle.
  22. Sarah Calodney (B.A. ’09) is working at Hauser and Wirth Gallery in London
  23. Beatriz Cabrera (B.A. ’09) was a 2011 Residential Fellow at Mildred’s Lane (Beach Lake, PA) during LAND:PondHousePond/Radical Apiary.
  24. Jayme Clemente (B.A. ’09) is a consultant at AVANT Gallery in Miami.
  25. Rija Qureshi (B,A. ’09) is Education Coordinator at Dallas Heritage Village.
  26. Ashley Krone Zmau (B.A. ’09) is a library specialist at Fondren Library, SMU.
  27. Meagan Rosser (B.A. ’09) is a kindergarten teacher in Dallas.
  28. Ashley Wagner (B.A. ’09) is an analyst at NRF Healthcare, Washington, DC.
  29. Katherin Behrens (B.A. ’09) is with Northwest Mutual in St. Louis.
  30. Fernando Parra Bortí (B.A. ’08) works at American Ballet Theater in New York City.
  31. Kimberly Schlegel Whitman (B.A. ’08), a lifestyle expert and owner of, has been named Editor-at-Large of Southern Living Magazine.
  32. Courtney Tennison (B.A. ’08) is Director at Galerie Mourlot in New York.
  33. Stephanie Brown (B.A. ’07) is a legal analyst with the New York Department of Cultural Affairs.

    Stephanie Brown ’07
    Stephanie Brown ’07 (pictured at right)
  34. Sterling Morris (B.A., ’07) is with Equal Justice Works in Washington, DC.
  35. Marta de Movellan (B.A. 07) is a Associate Communications Director at Lehmann Maupin, New York.
  36. Ashley Flight (B.A. ’06) is a Production Manager at Sotheby’s New York.
  37. Sarah Hamilton (B.A. 05) is Gallery Director at the Beaumont Art League.
  38. Laura Veresh Lind (B.A. ’03) is the Southeast Regional Director for DirectViz Solutions as well as project manager of, a civilian recruiting website.
  39. Cammy Rose (B.A. ’07) earned her JD from the University of Texas Law School.
  40. Frances Atkins (B.A. ’06) is Program Book Manager and Editor for the Aspen Music Festival and School.
  41. Melissa Moncrieffe (B.A. ’06) earned a master’s in International Studies from the Institut Hautes Études Internationales et du Développement (Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies), Geneva, Switzerland.
  42. Ashley Beer Laverock (B.A. ’05) is a doctoral student at Emory.
  43. John Brunner (B.A. ’05) is an International Account Manager at Domus Aurea LLC, St. Louis.
  44. Shelley DeMaria (B.A., ’04) is a Curatorial Assistant at the Meadows Museum, SMU.
  45. Christina Bullard (B.F.A in Art History, ’03) is Associate Designer of Knits and Sweater at Isaac Mizrahi Live! on QVC by Xcelbrands, New York.
  46. Kathryn Millirons (B.A. ’02) works at the British Art Dealers Association in London.
  47. Katrin Holt-Dubreuil (B.A. ’97) is a Chef de Projet at yvydy design, Paris.
  48. Jennifer Bartsch-Allen (B.A. ’96) is Assistant Director of Creative Project Management and Communications at SMU.
  49. Carole Crittenden Reed (B.A. ’91) is a design consultant at Carole Reed Design, New York.
  50. Nancy Thompson (B.A. ’90) is Associate Professor of Art History, St. Olaf College.
  51. John Wilson (B.A. ‘78) is Director of the Timken Museum in San Diego.

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By Nick Rallo