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Watch: Reflections on the Hamon Arts Library

An installation underway at the Hamon Arts Library: Fashion Design Sketches by Nancy B. Hamon
An installation underway at the Hamon Arts Library: Fashion Design Sketches by Nancy B. Hamon

The Jake and Nancy Hamon Arts Library is a four-story building located in the Owen Arts Center of the Meadows School of the Arts. A branch of the Central University Libraries, Hamon serves students and faculty in the areas of visual art, art history, cinema, communications, dance, music and theatre. This fall, the library celebrates its 25th anniversary.

In honor, Meadows Dean Samuel Holland, Dean and Director of University Libraries Gillian M. McCombs, as well as Hamon Library’s wonderful staff, came together to reflect on the vision and innovation of the library. Here’s the full video:


Starting Thursday, September 24, the Hamon Library will also feature an exhibition of fashion design sketches, circa 1933-1942, from our eponymous donor.

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The Fashion Design Sketches Exhibition 

About Nancy Hamon

Nancy Blackburn Hamon was born in San Antonio and attended the University of Texas at Austin before enjoying a brief career as a dancer in Hollywood. She moved to Dallas after marrying Jake L. Hamon in 1949. Mrs. Hamon was a legendary philanthropist and Dallas benefitted from her enormous generosity, particularly in the arts, education and medicine in Dallas, San Antonio and San Francisco. In addition, Mrs. Hamon was an extraordinary hostess and was known for the extravagant theme parties she hosted with her husband during the 1950s and 1960s. Themes included circus, Moulin Rouge and others, including a silent movie theme with special guest Louis Armstrong.

Mrs. Hamon’s fashion design sketches were completed while she was in her late teens and early twenties. The vibrant sketches were created using tempera, watercolor, pen and pencil on paper.

By Nick Rallo