Meet Colton:


My name is Colton Foster, and I’m a graduate of SMU’s Master of Bilingual Education program. I currently teach 3rd grade at the American School Foundation in Mexico City.

Colton Foster

Colton Foster

 The coursework and faculty at SMU adequately prepared me to work with bilingual students and serve their language needs. The ability to choose my studies piqued my interests in topics such as foreign language acquisition, gifted education, and bilingual programming. I knew I desired to live and work abroad again, and my master’s credentials made that possible.  


The most exciting aspect of working at an international school is the crucial need for cultural competencies. My students’ language proficiencies vary with numerous native and non-native speakers, and their general knowledge of the U.S. definitely comes into play during each lesson.  

The school itself is a friendly fusion of Mexican and U.S. culture, creating a true binational, borderless learning environment right in the heart of the Mexican capital.  I stepped into my classroom this year with confidence thanks to the partnership between SMU and Teach For America. The Simmons School made a master’s degree an affordable reality for me, driving me to pursue my own adventure in the bilingual education sector.