Master of Bilingual Education

Program Structure

The Master of Bilingual Education degree program offers an interdisciplinary curriculum that prepares specialists in the field of bilingual education and master teachers of students who do not speak English as their primary language. Designed for in-service and pre-service teachers, the program includes requirements in bilingual education such as literacy, second language teaching, bilingual math and science instruction, linguistics, culture/multicultural education, and community-based research. The program meets the requirements of the Texas Education Agency for master’s level programs in bilingual education.

The faculty is drawn from the various academic disciplines represented in the University as well as professors from the Bilingual Education program. Visiting professors and lecturers also contribute to the offerings of the program.

Students must complete 36 graduate-level credit hours in one of three degree plans–the English as a Second Language (ESL) Plan, the Gifted & Talented Plan, or the Special Education Plan. The required courses in methodology, linguistics, culture, research, and the history and rationale of bilingual education offer maximum flexibility to those who are interested in broadening both their academic preparation and classroom skills.

Requirements for Admission

The program is intended for Spanish/English bilingual educators who have a near native or native command of Spanish and English. All MBE specialization courses integrate the language and culture of students in the Spanish-speaking world, particularly of students of Hispanic heritage living in the United States.

Additional admission requirements can be viewed here.