5 ethical issues for President Obama


The Markkula Center for Applied Ethics has started a five-part weekly series leading up to Inauguration Day to discuss various ethical issues that confront our 44th president:

— Who will the Obama administration bring into federal service? What virtues will they be looking for and what ethical considerations will guide their selection?

— What tools will the new administration use to prosecute the war on terror, and what balance will they strike between security and human/civil rights?

— What principles should guide the financial bailout? On what basis will the new administration decide if a particular firm or industry should receive help from taxpayers?

— What is the responsibility of the United States to other countries? Should we focus on spreading democracy or combating human misery?

— What does Obama see as the proper scope of presidential power?

Each week, the Center staff will discuss one of these topics, online and via podcast.

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