What’s new in the way my Blackboard course appears?

You’ll notice that the overall look and feel of your Blackboard course site appears cleaner, with much less clutter. Navigation is easier to find, colors pop a bit more, buttons are larger, and the content is organized in a more pleasing and logical manner.

[youtube width=”560″ height=”315″ autoplay=”0″ fs=1]http://youtu.be/NvqGbjN6_Dk[/youtube]

You are now able to modify your course theme – its overall look and feel – with the click of a button. Ready-made course themes are available that are optimized to support specific teaching styles, course types, and/or available resources.

For example, if you use a constructivist teaching style, you could select a constructivist-learning theme that would automatically provision the appropriate toolsets and site architecture to support such an approach. A lab course would be created with the appropriate toolsets and site sections that a lab course might normally use.

All of these themes, of course, can be modified and customized in the usual way, but this feature provides a great way to set up all the tools, sections, and site structure your course requires in just a few seconds.

The upgrade also allows you to easily change the order in which items appear in the course menu and more easily arrange information in ways that are meaningful to your students.

Learn how to implement these changes here.

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