What’s new in the Grade Center?

The Grade Center, one of the most popular toolsets on Blackboard, got some useful enhancements with the upgrade.

Negative marking (the ability to assign a negative score in the Grade Center) is now available. Also, you’ll find improved abilities to grade student work more contextually, that is, by opening a submitted file, making comments, entering a grade, then moving on to the next student’s submission without ever having to leave the Grade Center.

You will also be able to grade a portion of any submission – say an essay question on a test – and move on to another student’s answer for the same question, all without losing your place. Other enhancements include an improved filtered view of what needs grading and the ability to color-code entries to improve viewing and organizing data.

With contextual grading you can grade and comment while you review wikis, blogs, journals and discussions, and just move from one submission to the next, without ever having to go to the Grade Center!

Automatic re-grading allows you to change a test question and have Blackboard automatically recalculate the score for all submissions affected by the change.

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