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2023-2024 District Leadership Fellows Attend Fall Retreat

The 2023-2024 cohort of District Leadership Fellows met at SMU for their fall retreat. 

District Leadership Fellows were welcomed to SMU for two days of learning, connecting, collaborating and reflecting.  After beginning the program online, Fellows welcomed the chance to meet and learn in person. 

Professor leaning on table, group of people sitting at table, other people standing in group in background
Dr. Bing with a Peer Group discussing the leadership team challenge

Day one began with leadership challenge, moved to understanding collective strengths, and included time for each leader to reflect on their mission.  Day one ended with dinner and a cake to celebrate three birthdays.

Cake and catering on table in foreground, window, people sitting on deck in background, greenscape beyond
Birthday cake after dinner

Day two focused on Fellows developing Impact Models for their individual projects.   Program Director Dr. Eric G. Bing modeled an active listening approach to interviewing a Fellow to better understand their goal, resources, and activities for their project.  Fellows then broke into pairs to interview each other about their goals, resources and activities.   

Two women sitting on bench, discussing work
Fellows interviewing each other

Dr. Bing then modeled a discussion on lead and lag measures before the cohort broke into pairs again to interview each other.  The next step was to take all the information gathered in the interviews, and transfer it over to an Impact Model.  This was again demonstrated by Dr. Bing before being completed by the cohort.   The session ended with a demonstration using ChatGPT as a thought partner to help refine an impact model. 

Two women looking at computer screen, others working in background
Cohort working in pairs to develop their Impact Models

The cohort will continue to meet bi-weekly through the fall, with smaller Peer Groups also meeting bi-weekly for guided discussions.  The cohort will return to SMU for a winter retreat in January 2024. 

Professor holding paper graphic, showing others
Dr. Bing discussing an Impact Model

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