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Creating Impact Serves as Cornerstone of District Leadership Fellows Program

“The District Leadership Fellows Impact Model has been very beneficial for me. It gives me a way to distill big ideas into something that is very concise and easier to communicate.”  Dr. John Tackett, 2020-2021 cohort alum

Dr. Eric Bing working with District Leadership Fellows
Dr. Eric Bing facilitating a group discussion with District Leadership Fellows

The District Leadership Fellows program at SMU, designed for school superintendents and executive district leaders, focuses on creating impact.  Each Fellow enters the program with a leadership project they wish to accomplish over the course of the year.  Early cohort sessions introduce the Impact Model, an organizational framework for thinking through the project, communicating the project to others, and executing the project. Later cohort and coaching sessions offer support and collaboration as Fellows implement their Impact Models.


Dr. Michelle Cline, Superintendent of Throckmorton Collegiate ISD and District Leadership Fellows alum, sat down the Dr. Eric G. Bing, Director of the Institute for Leadership Impact, to talk through the Impact Model and how it helped her achieve goals in her district.  Learn more about her experience in this video.

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