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Superintendents Complete 2019-2020 District Leadership Fellows Program

The 2019-2020 cohort of the District Leadership Fellows wrapped up the year with an online meeting.  The superintendents have been reflecting on the past year as they lead their districts through challenging times.    

2019-2020 District Leadership Fellows cohort

Reflecting on the past year, Dr. Darin Jolly of North Hopkins ISD said: “My big takeaway right now is the communication strategies that I’ve learned. I’ve just really been able to develop a lot better communication with my team than I had in the past. And that’s been very rewarding and very helpful.”

Dr. Jolly continued “I’m so thankful that my whole model is around community leadership. That has been so monumental during this COVID time. Our district ended up taking the lead for the entire county based on the structure developed in my impact model.”

The cohort appreciated the opportunities provided by the program for them to step away from campus and interact with their peers.  Mr. Kermit Ward of Clarksville ISD said “What you’ve given is the gift of time. Pulling me off campus and really letting me sit down and listen to what other superintendents in districts demographically similar to mine have done has been impactful.”

Dr. Josie Hernandez-Gutierrez, Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources at Waco ISD and District Leadership Fellows facilitator said “This program has nurtured the leader within me, especially in times like today, when we need to lead in the midst of crisis and uncertainty.  The executive leadership development provided at the Institute for Leadership Impact focuses on more than just the knowledge and skills; through reflective coaching and listening, we learn to develop our own adaptive leadership abilities.  It is the adaptive work that separates those who can serve others effectively in times like today with impactful outcomes.”

The District Leadership Fellows program is adapting for next year and will specifically focus the work of the cohort around addressing the ramifications of COVID-19 on schools while maintaining a focus on the core fundamentals of strategy, execution and utilizing strengths.

Applications for the 2020-2021 cohort are now open.  Superintendents and executive district leaders who report directly to superintendents are invited to apply.  Applications close July 31, 2020.

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