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Our Model

Leaders in healthcare and education are doing critically important work, and changing contexts demand new approaches to serving communities.

Leading organizations through change is difficult and raises difficult questions:

  • Where are we going as an organization?
  • How will we know if we are making sufficient progress?
  • How do we sustain motivation once challenges inevitably emerge?

The Institute for Leadership Impact utilizes evidence-based methods and frameworks pulled from research in behavioral and management sciences to help leaders maximize their impact.

Impact Model developed by the Institute for Leadership Impact

Impact is measurable and meaningful change. The Institute helps leaders develop impactful solutions in the communities and institutions they serve.

An evidence-based strategy is essential for success. The Institute helps leaders develop customized solutions for their organizations that leverage unique strengths and circumstances.

Execution turns great ideas into reality. To help leaders successfully implement their strategies, the Institute uses personalized strengths assessments and behavioral techniques derived from the latest cognitive research.

Without motivation, even the strongest leaders can struggle to succeed. The Institute puts a special focus on helping leaders connect their work to a deeper sense of personal meaning, helping them discover new ways to motivate and engage themselves, their teams, and their communities.

District Leadership Fellows discussing impact goals for their districts.
District Leadership Fellows discussing impact goals for their districts.


Download our 2018-2019 Impact Report to learn more about the education and health leadership training programs where we utilize the Impact Model.

Create Impact in Your Organization
The Institute for Leadership Impact serves schools and social impact organizations of all sizes.  We offer an array of experiential, individual and team-based leadership experiences and simulations to strengthen your team and support your growth as a leader.

To learn more about our programs, visit our website, email us at, and engage with us on Twitter.


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