Undergraduate Education

Training Emerging Public Health Leaders in the Classroom and Community

The Institute for Leadership Impact has trained over 150 SMU students in creating global and public health impact since 2015.

SMU students creating impact in global and public health
SMU students presenting at the Case Competition, part of the Creating Impact in Global & Public Health class.


Dr. Eric G. Bing’s Creating Impact in Global & Public Health course gives SMU students the tools to analyze and develop solutions to complex global health challenges and adapt those solutions to new contexts.

This interdisciplinary course blends social, biological and management sciences with humanities and the arts to help students create sustainable change in communities.  Through a series of real-world case studies, guest speakers, discussions and debates students begin to understand the many reasons why some global and public health initiatives succeed in improving health while others fail.

The course culminates in a Case Competition where teams of students present their solutions to a public health issue.  The proposals are evaluated on their feasibility, efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Learn more about student involvement in our Global Health programs by visiting the Center for Global Health Impact.  For more information on the next Creating Impact in Global & Public Health class, download the course flyer.

Create Impact in Your Organization
The Institute for Leadership Impact serves schools and social impact organizations of all sizes.  We offer an array of experiential, individual and team-based leadership experiences and simulations to strengthen your team and support your growth as a leader.

To learn more about our programs, visit our website, email us at, and engage with us on Twitter.


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