Want a Blog? You’ve Got It!

WordPress LogoYou never know when the writing bug will hit you. When inspiration strikes and you’ve just got to get your words out to the world, you have lots of options. You could stick to social media, or you could create your own website to publicize your writing. When creating your own site, things get even more complicated. Choosing web hosting plans, figuring out which blog software to use, and maintaining it all can get frustrating and overwhelming if all you want to do is create. Thankfully, if you’re wanting to dip your toes into the blogging world, we can help!

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WordPress Blog Forms Moving to Formidable Forms

Formidable FormsOur cloud WordPress vendor, CampusPress, does not support Gravity Forms. While some forms created before the migration are working, many do not. Due to our WordPress instance being hosted in the cloud, Gravity Forms is no longer supporting forms created using their plugin and we are left with no other choice but to move to a different forms processor. Fortunately, CampusPress has a solution freely available called Formidable Forms. Formidable is similar to Gravity Forms but, unlike Gravity Forms, has the benefit of being stable in the current WordPress environment and is fully supported by CampusPress.

We have audited our blog system and have compiled a list of sites using Gravity Forms – many being inactive or have failed to be updated within the past two years. For those sites with inactive forms, Continue reading WordPress Blog Forms Moving to Formidable Forms

Blog.SMU migration brings new features and plugins

Blog.smu.edu HomepageThis fall, the on-campus WordPress blog, Blog.SMU, was migrated to CampusPress cloud services. With this move, users have access to many new plugins and features. And, just like it was when hosted on campus, any department or group on campus can still host their own blog for official, departmental, or academic use with CampusPress. In this post, we would like to highlight some of the new tools and plugins available in the cloud. Continue reading Blog.SMU migration brings new features and plugins