Sitecore How-To: Using the Jumbotron Feature

Want to jazz-up your web page with a large photo feature that catches the eye? Join our web specialist Michael Keller as he walks you through the Jumbotron feature for your Sitecore pages.

As always, if you need any consultation or assistance with your web pages in Sitecore, don’t hesitate to contact the IT Help Desk or set up an appointment with Michael for one-on-one consultation!


Web Team Supports Site Refreshes

Using the launch of the redesigned SMU homepage as a catalyst, OIT is moving forward with the largest update to the SMU web experience in years. The Web Team is working with multiple areas to launch new sites and features in the coming months.

SMU Meadows (2021)Starting with the Meadows School of the Arts, the Web Team is collaborating with the marketers to provide a fresh set of templates and features needed by Meadows to permit them to create their site in the new brand. As one of the initial users of the new SMU web brand in Sitecore years ago, their web presence was limited by the features available at that time. The team is striving to provide Continue reading Web Team Supports Site Refreshes

OIT Launches New Web Support Site and Assistant Pilot

Web SupportAfter a decade of using Sitecore for SMU’s web content management system, we know how challenging it can be for editors who make changes infrequently. In the past couple of years, we have made great strides in making the tool easier to use for everyone. With the rollout of the Cornerstone templates and the Experience Editor’s enabling WYSIWYG editing of our site’s webpages, Sitecore has never been more user friendly. Yet, there are times when a school or department doesn’t have the time to edit their webpages or just needs some additional help.  To help, OIT is launching a Web Assistant pilot plus a new support site. Continue reading OIT Launches New Web Support Site and Assistant Pilot

Setting the Cornerstone: Sitecore Design Upgrades Continue

Sitecore LogoIf you work within Sitecore, SMU’s Content Management System for the web, you’ve probably heard about new design templates being designed and implemented across all SMU web pages to improve the look and feel of our web presence as well as improving accessibility for those using assistive technologies. We’d like to provide you with an update on how the conversion to these new “Cornerstone” templates is going! Continue reading Setting the Cornerstone: Sitecore Design Upgrades Continue

OIT Web Team Makes Strides in Sitecore Success

SitecoreManaging the underlying systems to keep SMU’s web presence healthy is no simple task. OIT’s Web Application Services Team works to keep the website accessible, reliable, and visually appealing. Over the past few months, great progress has taken place on several fronts for the web team. Let’s go over their great work!

Continue reading OIT Web Team Makes Strides in Sitecore Success