Windows 10 Build 20H2 Update: What to Expect

Windows 10In order to keep SMU PCs secure and reliable, OIT is planning to update campus computers to the newest build of Windows 10, build 20H2, starting November 12. This major update includes the usual bug fixes and small quality-of-life changes, but also includes increased compatibility for Dolby Atmos headphones, more efficient search indexing, and much more. Here’s what to expect when your computer is ready to install the upgrade.
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Upgrade to Windows 10 & Office 2016

Windows 10Windows 10 is now available

As of July 1st, new campus computers that are ordered are now delivered with Windows 10 Enterprise. If you have an existing Windows 64 bit computer that you would like to upgrade we are offering the Windows 10 package via the LANDesk software portal (LANDesk Portal Manager). If you utilize or support a lab or shared group of computers and would like to request an upgrade within those areas, or for any Windows computers running a 32-bit operating system, please contact the Help Desk for further assistance.

Visit Microsoft’s operating system support page to find out which operating system you have. To learn more about Windows 10 Enterprise features and changes visit the Windows 10 For Business site.

Office 365Have you taken the plunge and upgraded to Office 2016 yet? Just like Windows 10, Office 2016 is also available via the LANDesk software portal (The LANDesk Portal Manager for Windows clients, or LANDesk Workspaces for Mac OS). From LANDesk,  you can select and download installation on your local system. Uninstalling the previous Office products is recommended, but not required. Please contact the OIT Help Desk if you do not see Office 2016 listed or if you have any difficulty accessing the LANDesk Portal Manager.

Don’t forget, installations off of the campus network require you to sign in to the campus VPN client prior to launching LANDesk. Please note that Office 32 bit will be the standard offering for all Windows systems regardless of the version of your computer’s operating system. For more information visit Choose the 32-bit or 64-bit version of Office.

Not sure of the benefits of upgrading to Office 2016? Check out this course: Migrating from Office 2013 to Office 2016.  It will give you all the benefits of 2016 including application upgrades in all your favorite Office products!