Thanks for Taking Our Calls: SMU’s Former PBX Leaves The Hilltop

More banks of interface cards in the legacy PBX.
Additional interface cards.

A few years ago, we made the switch to our new telephone system on campus. While individuals on campus moved to the new system a while back, that wasn’t the end of the project! Our legacy Private Branch Exchange (PBX) was still in a state of limited operation while the remaining legacy phone lines (like fire alarms, fax lines, Blue Light safety phones, etc.) were moved to their own more modern equivalents.

That stage of the phone replacement project recently ended, as the final power connections to our Intecom PBX system were completely removed and preparations began for the system to be moved out of the data center in Patterson Hall. We stopped by Patterson Hall to take one last look at the equipment that handled SMU’s phone calls for nearly thirty years. Continue reading Thanks for Taking Our Calls: SMU’s Former PBX Leaves The Hilltop

SMU Phone Replacement Project Underway

Phone IconSince the beginning of the year, OIT has begun deploying phones to the campus. With over 3,000 phones to deploy throughout SMU, we have a robust project team combining efforts of both staff and students. As of the 2nd week of February, we have deployed 654 phones since the project kicked off. The completion of this project is scheduled to conclude by June 30, 2020.

If you haven’t yet received your new AudioCodes 445HD phone, we’ve included a sneak peek of some of the features you should expect. Continue reading SMU Phone Replacement Project Underway