Campus-Wide Phone Deployments Coming in 2020

AudioCodes 445HD IP PhoneAs we wrap up 2019, OIT is gearing up for the phone deployment phase beginning in January. Over the past year, our efforts have focused on completing the various infrastructure requirements to support this new phone service. These efforts included networking cabling upgrades throughout campus, coordination, and updates to ensure location data is transmitted to law enforcement for 911 calls, and the various servers and software configurations to support Skype for Business. Continue reading Campus-Wide Phone Deployments Coming in 2020

AudioCodes 445HD to be Primary Phone for Campus

AudioCodes 445HD TelephoneA few weeks ago, OIT announced that a new phone system will begin to be deployed over the next year. As part of this announcement, we informed you that there would be two different phones provided to the SMU community. After continued testing of the features and functionality of each phone, we have decided to go with just one primary device for all employees. That model is the AudioCodes 445HD.

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SMU Phone Replacement: What Lies Ahead

In this post, we wanted to take a moment to update the SMU community on the phone replacement project by giving you a glimpse of some of the new features faculty and staff can expect.

OIT employees will first pilot the phones to troubleshoot any technical issues, validate deployment processes, and ensure quality training materials are available to the campus at launch. Deployments are scheduled to begin this summer.

A new Campus Phone Services web page is available as we ramp up for the phone deployment. This site,, will contain training materials and FAQs regarding the new campus phone system. For project information and timeline please visit the phone replacement project page.




Phone Replacement Project Update: Winter 2019

InteCom ITE Phone
One of the old phones to be replaced.

Progress continues on the Phone Replacement project.  This project replaces all of the faculty and staff phones throughout SMU and is comprised of multiple stages.  Although the project will not be completed until 2020, much of the preliminary work is occurring now, and we will schedule several pilot phone installations this summer. Following is the current status of each stage. Continue reading Phone Replacement Project Update: Winter 2019

Phone Replacement Project In Flight

Skype for BusinessThe phone replacement project is now in flight. In June, OIT held a project kickoff meeting with our third-party support team, Integration Partners. The platform selected to replace our phones is Microsoft Skype for Business. Additionally, we will implement Anywhere365 for our call center technology solution.   Continue reading Phone Replacement Project In Flight