E-mail Phishing Simulations Return

AnitPhish (Anti-Phishing Campaign)Phishing attempts – email messages sent by hackers pretending to be your friends, coworkers, or trusted companies – have wreaked havoc across the Internet for years. These messages try to lure you into revealing personal info like passwords and financial information, and their alarmist tone can be deceiving.

Over the past few years, SMU has worked to make people more aware of these phishing attempts by sending simulated phishing emails. For those falling victim to the phishing attempts Continue reading E-mail Phishing Simulations Return

Social Networking and Your Personal Information

Most social networking sites have options for you to define your security or privacy settings.   At times, they may be changed or upgraded in a way that affects how your personal information is made available on the internet. To be sure you are aware of what information is being shared and how it is important to review security setting periodically.

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