GlobalProtect VPN Service to End on March 20

GlobalProtect application iconIn March 2020, in preparation for remote work during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, GlobalProtect VPN was introduced to help handle the significantly larger need for secure connections to campus resources. GlobalProtect and our Cisco AnyConnect VPN played a significant role in streamlining campus operations’ sudden and unexpected closure. As we begin 2023, VPN service usage has gradually decreased to near pre-pandemic levels. Because of this, and to simplify the management of VPN platforms, GlobalProtect service will be discontinued on March 20, 2023, and Cisco AnyConnect will once again be our sole VPN client. Continue reading GlobalProtect VPN Service to End on March 20

SMU Infrastructure Improvements Continue

eroySMU Wireless LogoIn mid-December, the OIT infrastructure team worked to add additional wireless access points in Dallas Hall. Their efforts aid SMU in providing better wireless performance for high-density areas. The building previously had 28 wireless access points and now contains over 60. These technical improvements also enhanced Wi-Fi connections in larger classrooms. Continue reading SMU Infrastructure Improvements Continue

New Fiber Connections Speed Up East Campus

NetworkingAs SMU began developing the East Campus east of North Central Expressway, wireless mesh connections were frequently used to quickly provide SMU network services to buildings. While these connections have been functional, the speed and reliability were not always equal to the wired connections on the west side of US 75. Now, projects have taken place to replace these wireless connections with direct fiber optic connections to the rest of the SMU network!

The buildings that have currently been moved to fiber connections include: Continue reading New Fiber Connections Speed Up East Campus

New Wireless Access Points Beef Up Signals in Commons

SMU Wireless LogoThe work to continuously improve the speed and quality of our network infrastructure never ends, and the summer is the perfect time for a refresh. As part of our technology repairs and improvements in the lead-up to a new academic year, new wireless access points (APs) have been deployed in several locations on campus. Continue reading New Wireless Access Points Beef Up Signals in Commons

Back to School ’22: Pack the Essentials!

WelcomeAs the winds of summer (hopefully) start to cool, our Fall 2022 term comes closer to beginning on The Hilltop, and has already started for some! Whether you are a new Mustang just starting your journey or returning for another year, we’d like to give you a few pointers that can help make your return to campus as simple as possible so you can enjoy all of the experiences SMU has to offer! Continue reading Back to School ’22: Pack the Essentials!