Psychology Student Awarded SMU’s 3,000th Cert and Wins MOS3K Contest

In 2017, a student walked into my office and said, “I heard that you are Microsoft Certified, and my professor mentioned I can get certified in Excel. Do you know how I can do that?” I cringed when I heard that question again as I would recommend another interested party visit a neighboring  institution of learning that was offering the exams.

That conversation prompted me to collaborate with my colleagues in OIT Customer Service to make this program available here on campus. After a long whiteboarding session, discussing funding options and program ideas, we decided to launch a pilot program to test the waters and determine if there was strong enough interest on campus to make Microsoft Office Certifications (MOS) readily available. Little did I know then how quickly the program would take off.

On Friday, December 3, 2021, we hit a significant milestone when issuing our 3,000th certification to Elizabeth Bell. Elizabeth carries a major in Psychology with minors in Statistics, Neuroscience, Cognitive Science, and Women and Gender Studies. As part of the 3,000th certification issued, Elizabeth was awarded our MOS3K Study Prize Pack, a perfect addition to getting her ready for final exams. Continue reading Psychology Student Awarded SMU’s 3,000th Cert and Wins MOS3K Contest

MOS3K Contest Starts September

MOS3K ContestSince 2017, OIT has been offering Microsoft Office Specialist, or MOS, certifications to members of the SMU community. This year we are on our way to our 3,000th certification and we want to celebrate that achievement. On September 1, 2021, we are launching our MOS3K contest!

With the award of the 3,000th Microsoft Office Specialist certification, we will be awarding a MOS3K prize pack to the student that successfully passed that exam.

The MOS3K Study Prize Pack includes:

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