Keep Teaching: New Faculty Support & Collaboration Forum

365_Keep Teaching ChannelIn order to better facilitate communications and collaborations with faculty as SMU’s goes online with instruction as of Monday, March 23, 2020, OIT – in partnership with the CTE and other campus academic support units – has created a Keep Teaching Microsoft Teams site.  Continue reading Keep Teaching: New Faculty Support & Collaboration Forum

MS Teams Now Open to All!

Microsoft Teams LogoThe month of April proved to be a successful one for our Microsoft Teams rollout, with the early adopter program helping to tie up loose ends. Now, we are opening up Teams to the entire SMU community!

SMU faculty, staff, and students can now head to, click the Login button, and use their SMU e-mail and password to access this new service for cloud-based team collaboration. Once you’ve accessed Teams, you can create your own teams and invite individuals to chat and collaborate on projects. Plus, as an educational institution, we also get additional features tailored to academic uses.

Microsoft Teams Logo without Text

If you’re ready to learn more about Microsoft Teams, we have some resources for you. In addition to Microsoft’s ten-part training video series, there are several courses available in LinkedIn Learning that you can access.

Microsoft Teams Update: Early Adoption Available April 15

Microsoft Teams LogoWe are one step closer to deploying Microsoft Teams to everyone on campus! Before that day comes, we are looking for a select few who are interested in being the first to try out Teams by joining our early adopter program. If you haven’t heard about Teams, it’s Microsoft’s foray into cloud-based team collaboration. It’s been compared to the Slack collaboration platform, but it is also tightly integrated into the Office 365 ecosystem found at SMU. Continue reading Microsoft Teams Update: Early Adoption Available April 15

Microsoft Teams Coming to Campus

Microsoft Teams LogoCollaborating efficiently with your colleagues is an important part of everyday work. Making sure that all of the loose ends of a large project end up in a nice bow at the end of the day can be a daunting task. There are all kinds of collaboration and communication platforms that have popped up in recent years, allowing teams to quickly come together to share and store information. One of these platforms is Microsoft Teams, and OIT will be introducing Teams to campus in the coming months!

Continue reading Microsoft Teams Coming to Campus