Protecting yourself from Petya with CrashPlan

Hackers don’t take off for summer vacation.

Ransomware warningJust weeks after the WannaCry cyberattacks, a new ransomware outbreak called Petya is spreading across the globe. By this afternoon, it has already hit at least six countries and disabled business units. The malware is being delivered through emails disguised as business correspondence. The Office of Information Technology would like to remind you to be alert for suspicious emails/websites and to regularly update and backup your computer. Continue reading Protecting yourself from Petya with CrashPlan

Security Alert: Windows 10 Upgrade Scam

WindowsMicrosoft is in the process of releasing their new Windows 10 Operating System. The software will be available to download free of charge.

Please read carefully!

There are several scams circulating around this new release.  The scammers are pretending to be Microsoft Tech Support and are contacting individuals via phone, email or browser pop-up windows that appear to be legitimate but actually contain malware.

Please do not click on any popup add claiming to be from Microsoft about your Windows 10 upgrade.

OIT is in the process of reviewing the Windows 10 Operating System and ensuring that University applications will continue to function properly with this new OS.  More details regarding the upgrade process will be communicated in the Fall.

Here is the legitimate link on Microsoft’s web site about Windows 10: