Recent LANDesk Reboots: Why They Happened

In December, the clients for LANDesk, our inventory agent and software deployment tool,  were updated on SMU-owned computers to enhance security by allowing for more consistent and automated reboots to handle software patches and system updates.

Successfully Installed Patches Graph
The amount of installed important updates increased dramatically in January 2018.

This new process has provided a significant increase in the number of SMU computers up to date on their security patches. However, many folks became irritated, and understandably so, when their computer kept asking them to restart multiple times. In this post, we will demystify why these restarts occur and how you can prevent them from interrupting your workflow in the future.

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Computer reboot required following LANDesk client update

During the month of December, LANDesk clients for all SMU computers were updated to allow for more consistent and automated reboots with a focus on enhancing security. As people returned to work in January, they have found many updates awaiting them requiring sometimes multiple reboots. This is to be expected. Continue reading Computer reboot required following LANDesk client update

LANDesk Client Upgrade Improves System Update Processes

LANDesk LogoSystem updates can certainly be a hassle, but they are essential to the security and reliability of computers across campus. One particular point of frustration is having to restart your computer for some updates to be applied properly. OIT has made a few tweaks to our computer inventory and management software, LANDesk, to ensure that individuals are notified when a restart is necessary for patch installation.

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Quick Fix: Updating Adobe Licenses on SMU Computers

Adobe LogoIf your SMU-owned computer has recently alerted you that your Adobe license is expiring, don’t fret! Last week, the enterprise Adobe license key expired.  Prior to the expiration date, a task was sent out via LANDesk to update the license key behind the scenes. This was successful for a large percentage of the clients. However, there are a number of individuals reporting issues with Adobe software on their SMU computers. We have a quick fix for you to get your Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Photoshop, or other Adobe applications up and running again. Continue reading Quick Fix: Updating Adobe Licenses on SMU Computers

Protecting yourself from crashes with CrashPlan

CrashplanWe all have had the situation where our computer has locked up or crashed while we are working on that important document that we, of course, didn’t save soon enough. Well, I won’t tell you that Code42’s CrashPlan backup software will protect you from failing to “Save, and Save Often,” but it will save you from catastrophic hard disk failure.

CrashPlan is preloaded on all new University computers to provide daily backups of files in your user folder. This way, if your hard drive fails, IT can restore the University applications using LANDesk and your files with CrashPlan. Continue reading Protecting yourself from crashes with CrashPlan

Office 2016 & Window 10 Coming to Campus Computers

Office 2016 available April 1

Office 2016Office 2016 will be available for all campus Windows and Mac OS computers beginning April 1st. You will find these products available via your computer’s LANDesk software portal (The LANDesk Portal Manager for Windows clients, or LANDesk Workspaces for Mac OS) where they may be selected for download and installation on your local system. Uninstalling the previous Office products is recommended, but not required. Please contact the OIT Help Desk if you do not see Office 2016 listed, if you have any difficulty accessing the LANDesk Portal Manager, or just have questions for us!

For installations off of the campus network,  be sure to download and sign in to the campus VPN client prior to launching LANDesk. Please note that Office 32 bit will be the standard offering for all Windows systems regardless of the version of your computer’s operating system . For more information visit Choose the 32-bit or 64-bit version of Office.

Windows 10 available July 1

Windows 10New campus computers ordered after July 1st will be delivered with Windows 10 Enterprise. Existing Windows 64 bit computers will be offered an optional Windows 10 upgrade via the LANDesk software portal (LANDesk Portal Manager) beginning July 1st. Computers currently being scheduled for upgrade through the campus tech fund will be delivered to customers running Windows 7, with Windows 10 upgrades offered for download and installation from LANDesk as well. If you utilize or support a lab or shared group of computers and would like to request an upgrade within those areas, or for any Windows computers running a 32-bit operating system, please contact the helpdesk for further assistance.

For more information on what version of the Windows operating system you have, visit and for information on Windows 10 Enterprise features and changes see