Faculty/Staff Email Accounts to Move to the Cloud

Email MigrationWhile SMU student email accounts were moved to our Microsoft 365 cloud service back in 2015, it is now time to finally move the rest of our accounts to the cloud.  This will simplify mailbox management and reduce the hardware and energy costs of self-hosted email servers. Since this migration is a huge undertaking, we would like to outline what to expect in the coming months.
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Modern Authentication and You

login screenshotAs we continue to improve information security measures on campus, we will be implementing more modern authentication methods to our Microsoft services to increase security and improve your login experience on December 19, 2022. This new form of authentication will also minimize the frequency of entering your password, along with helping to prevent those irritating account lockouts that may occur when updating your SMU password. The actions you’ll need to take are minimal, but we’d like to make you aware of them. Continue reading Modern Authentication and You

Authentication Changes to Email Services

EmailFollowing guidance from our Email service provider, SMU is modernizing our login process and plans to complete this modernization by October 28, 2022. While we have worked to notify all affected individuals in advance via email communications and calls from the IT Help Desk, we’d like to summarize what is happening in case you have any issues. Continue reading Authentication Changes to Email Services

Annual Bulk Email List Refresh Returns on August 19

Manage SMU Email Lists siteStarting at 8 a.m. on Friday, August 19, 2022, the yearly Bulk Email List Refresh for all managed lists will be performed. All managed bulklists (bulklist.smu.edu) will be repopulated with the full membership of each group. The Bulk Email List Refresh is expected to be completed by 10 a.m. No mail sent to bulklist.smu.edu will be processed until the refresh is complete, so please limit sending email notifications to your lists until after 10 a.m. Continue reading Annual Bulk Email List Refresh Returns on August 19