Protect Yourself: Fighting MFA Fatigue

MFA FatigueLast week, OIT notified the campus of a successful phishing campaign targeting the SMU community. In this campaign, we noted that cybercriminals had begun using a new technique where they repeatedly send Duo requests to users who have shared their username and password to annoy users into approving the two-factor request.

This technique, referred to as “MFA fatigue,” has become increasingly common, and over the next several weeks, OIT will begin implementing measures to combat this trend. In the meantime, we recommend you take the following actions if you notice something suspicious: Continue reading Protect Yourself: Fighting MFA Fatigue

DUO: A Substantial Expansion

DuoSix years ago, SMU implemented DUO to protect our data proactively. Since introducing two-factor authentication (2FA), we have seen quite an expansion throughout our services.

We first implemented DUO in 2016 to protect access to my.SMU and later webmail for our faculty and staff as passwords can often be stolen, guessed, and hacked, and we needed a solution to secure our data better. Once our faculty and staff gained familiarity with DUO, it was introduced to students on April 1, 2019, through our “Security is No Joke” campaign. Continue reading DUO: A Substantial Expansion

Duo Mobile Ends Support for Android 8/9 and iOS 13

DuoOver the past several years, we have begun to rely heavily on Duo Security for our Two-Factor Authentication. With the ending of support for SMS and Phone Callback verification this year, the Duo Mobile app has become our preferred method of authenticating with our services. Because of that, changes to the app impact us all, and we want you to be aware that effective February 9, 2023, Duo Mobile will no longer support Android 8, Android 9, and iOS 13. Due to this change, we highly recommend the SMU community upgrades their devices’ operating systems by February 1, 2023. Continue reading Duo Mobile Ends Support for Android 8/9 and iOS 13

The Future of Web Editing on Campus Arrives Next Week

Sitecore LogoAfter months of work and testing, the OIT Web Team will be upgrading our instance of Sitecore, SMU’s Content Management System for the web, to version 10. This upgrade will lay the foundation for new features and possibilities in the tool for the next several years. Continue reading The Future of Web Editing on Campus Arrives Next Week