Paper Forms Go Digital with DocuSign

Docusign logoThe current COVID-19 situation has us all exploring how to perform our regular duties and services online. As you consider your business processes, remember that any paper forms that you rely on can potentially be moved to DocuSign. DocuSign is a secure, online platform for routing documents and obtaining authenticated online signatures. Many SMU departments are already relying on DocuSign to perform actions like: Continue reading Paper Forms Go Digital with DocuSign

Simplify Signatures with DocuSign

Getting documents signed can be a real hassle. Printing, running the document far and wide for the right people, making sure the Ts and crossed and Is are dotted, and the risk of losing it entirely. Thankfully, we have a solution that allows you to create signable documents and manage signatures all in one place!

DocuSign is an easy-to-use cloud service that takes the guesswork out of putting together documents, assigning signatories, and getting the document to those who need it. On top of that, it is also Continue reading Simplify Signatures with DocuSign

Phishing Alert: Fraudulent DocuSign E-mail

Phishing AlertDocuSign, one of the document and signature management platforms SMU utilizes, recently reported a phishing campaign that attempts to mimic a DocuSign signature required notification e-mail. Here’s what they had to say:

DocuSign has observed a new phishing campaign that began the morning of May 16 (Pacific Time). The email comes from “” with the subject “Legal acknowledgement for <person> Document is Ready for Signature” and it contains a link to a malicious, macro-enabled Word document. We suggest you do not open this email, but rather delete it immediately.  If you have received the email and opened it, please change your password as soon as possible.

If you have received an e-mail like this, delete it immediately! If you clicked on any links or attachments in the e-mail, reset your SMU password immediately at and call the IT Help Desk at 214-768-4357.

If you would like to be automatically informed about the latest security updates and alerts for DocuSign, please follow @askdocusign (DocuSign Support) on Twitter, where they will be posting notifications when the Trust Center is updated.