Classrooms Receive Technology Upgrades and Inventory Over Summer

OIT Classroom Technology HomepageDuring the summer, OIT was busy making changes to more than 40 rooms, compiling a full classroom AV inventory, building a webpage that allows faculty and staff to locate rooms that match their technology requirements and installing two new lecture capture solutions in 7 rooms.  We also added the upgraded rooms to our automated control system to notify us in advance of major issues. This brings our total to 145 rooms now configured in the monitoring tool. Continue reading Classrooms Receive Technology Upgrades and Inventory Over Summer

2018 Classroom Technology Project List

SolsticeOver the past few months, the Academic Technology Council and the Academic Service Directors in each school have gathered project requests to address AV needs in the various classrooms.  The final classroom project list has been selected and the planning phase has officially begun.  The intent is to upgrade 45 rooms this summer–either replacing all the AV gear or simply adding a component to the room.

The following is the list of rooms for this summer: Continue reading 2018 Classroom Technology Project List

2017 OIT Classroom Summary Report Now Available

2017 OIT Classroom Summery Report Cover
Our 2017 edition of the OIT Classroom Summary Report is now available to the SMU community. In this edition, we discuss the recent classroom updates, new features in the high-tech prototype classrooms, classroom automation, plus emergency assistance and training for the classrooms.

To access the report, click the link below.

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This report is confidential and not intended for distribution outside the University.

OIT Updates Technology in SMU Classrooms Over the Summer

Epson ScreenDuring the summer, the AV team tackled a large number of projects to refresh technology in over 116 classrooms.  The list of items was presented to the Academic Technology Council last spring after gathering input from the Schools on wish list items. Towards the end of the semester, six rooms were added and funding authorized to prototype new technology in conjunction with various pedagogical styles. Continue reading OIT Updates Technology in SMU Classrooms Over the Summer

Classroom Technology Planning Report for 2017 Now Available

As we began planning for the summer classroom upgrades, we took a more collaborative approach to the planning and design.

  1. Completed a full inventory of all the classrooms including researching the original installation date of the equipment.
  2. Categorized the rooms into three distinct types that would help guide the design of the technology.
  3. Met with each of the Academic Technology Service Directors to obtain a wish list of classroom upgrades and changes.
  4. Identified rooms from the OIT perspective that needed to be addressed based on the number of support calls and maintenance issues.
  5. Reviewed the full list and assigned estimated quotes for each room.
  6. Determined the rooms that could be completed utilizing the $500,000 allocated for Classroom Upgrades for FY18.

Continue reading Classroom Technology Planning Report for 2017 Now Available