Discover Our New Advanced Flex Classrooms!

This past summer brought all kinds of classroom improvements to campus, including the addition of new Advanced Flex classrooms in the Lyle School of Engineering. These rooms are an expansion of the style of room first installed in Prothro Hall in 2022. The classroom technology is geared towards providing a top-tier lecture experience for both in-person and remote learners. If you’re scheduled in one of these rooms or are simply curious about how they work, take a look at our informative video series:

Additional information is also available on our website. The Lyle Anywhere team can also provide assistance and consultation for Lyle faculty using these rooms for distance education courses.

OIT Upgrades Classroom and Event Spaces

Classroom ControlsEach summer, a large batch of rooms receive upgrades or repairs to ensure they are ready for the Fall semester. Although the installation work occurs primarily during the summer months, the assessment and planning phase for the work begins in late Fall and heavily involves the input and recommendations of our Faculty Technology Council.

The Faculty Technology Council engages feedback from the faculty within their respective school on technology changes or needs. This year, we received recommendations to ensure all shared classrooms had   Continue reading OIT Upgrades Classroom and Event Spaces

Windows 11 Arriving to Lab and Classroom PCs This Summer

Windows 11 logoWindows 11 made its public debut in October 2021, and most new personal computers since then have been delivered with this new operating system. Now OIT intends to upgrade our computer lab and classroom devices on campus with Windows 11 during our routine summer refreshment process. Whether you’ve used Windows 11 at home or have never used it before, here are a few things to expect once lab and instructional computers are upgraded. Continue reading Windows 11 Arriving to Lab and Classroom PCs This Summer

Summer Classroom Upgrades To Add Interactivity and Sharing

Classroom ControlsPlanning activities are well underway for the various classrooms that will receive technology upgrades and changes during the new fiscal year. Most projects will be completed during the summer months.  There were three critical requests from the Academic Technology Council that influenced the project selection this year. Continue reading Summer Classroom Upgrades To Add Interactivity and Sharing

Technology Blossoms Over Winter Break

Welcome to Spring 2021!

In the summer of 2020, we installed a significant amount of technology in the various classrooms to support SMUFlex and fully virtual courses.  This technology worked well, but the lack of audience microphones in many spaces and the lack of the visual of the students in the classroom delivered a slightly disconnected experience for the class.  As a remote graduate student myself, I was able to experience the efficacy as well as the limitations of our initial technology configuration firsthand.  In order to provide a better experience for the spring semester, the University authorized the purchase of another set of technology that was installed over the Winter break. Continue reading Technology Blossoms Over Winter Break