Appspace upgrade is nearly complete.

AppspaceThis month, OIT upgraded the Appspace (formerly Nexus) software that runs the various digital displays on campus. The vendor has installed our digital signage solution on a more robust server with the latest version of Appspace. The vendor also provided training to current users of the software.

In that training, we discovered some issues with the permissions. Some users were not able to create new signage applications but were allowed to edit already created ones. We are working with the vendor to resolving this issue and hope to have a resolution soon.

One feature our team was able to implement was an improved login. In the past, you would have to use a unique password, and not your SMU one, to log on to the system. On the new system, you will log in using your SMU ID and password for edit content on the digital signage.

The new system will also have a new URL – Our next task will be to join all of the existing players to the new server, which is done by launching the Appspace player application on each player PC. We will be contacting the signage owner to arrange a time for the switch. Once we make the configuration switch on each player, we will ask the owner to verify with the signage is functioning and the editors can log on to the system and edit content.

Appspace May Update

AppspaceThe Appspace (formerly Nexus) server has been upgraded, and the content has been migrated over. We are currently testing the server. We have a trainer on campus this Thursday at 10 AM for anyone interested in learning the new system. You can register for the training by going to If you are not able to make the training will offer additional training later this summer.

If you have any problems or concerns, please contact the IT Help Desk at 214-768-HELP (4357).

An Appspace Update

AppspaceWe have successfully installed the updated Appspace (formerly Nexus) software on a new server. As mentioned in our recent newsletter, we are upgrading Appspace to the latest version of 5.8 from our current version of 4.2.2 to enable new features, performance improvements, and the ability to add additional networks for more players on campus.

We are currently migrating content over from the current Appspace server at to the new server. Starting next week, we will be testing the new server and updates. We will then work with you to update the server settings on your Player PC to point to the new server. Once the Player PC is directed to the new server, you will need to upload any layout changes made sine April 18th to the new player application.

We will have a trainer on campus next week for anyone interested in learning the new system. You can register for the training by going to We will offer additional training later this summer.

Appspace Digital Signage to be Upgraded

AppspaceDuring the week of April 18, OIT will upgrade the Appspace (formerly Nexus) software that runs the various digital displays on campus.  The upgrade process is quite involved as we will move to new server hardware during the process. There are also several significant changes to the software as we upgrade to the latest version.

Anyone who currently has access to edit content in the digital signage system ( will receive direct communication throughout the project as well as an invitation to training once the upgrade is complete.

The following is a rough timeline of the upgrade project:

  • April 18: upgrade begins.  The current system will remain online.  Users can make changes as needed throughout the week. However, these changes will not be transferred to the new system.
  • April 25:  New system goes live.  Content owner will be invited to a training session that week.