Appspace Cloud Update: November 9, 2018

Appspace logoAt this time, all active Appspace users have been invited to the Appspace Cloud. Once an invitee has clicked on the link in the email – Yes, we know this goes against our recommendations for phishing due diligence – and created an account, they will be able to go to to log in. Select the “Login to Appspace Cloud” option and use the email that was contained in the invitation. Continue reading Appspace Cloud Update: November 9, 2018

Appspace Cloud Update (November 7, 2018)

Appspace logoWe have begun working with Appspace to migrate sign content to the cloud. Any updates to your digital sign(s) after Noon on November 7, 2018, will not appear on the cloud version and will need to be redone after the migration is complete.

Appspace Invites

Starting tomorrow, November 8, 2018, Appspace users will be invited to the new cloud environment. Users will receive an email with a link to create your account on the new cloud service. The email will look like the one featured below:

Continue reading Appspace Cloud Update (November 7, 2018)