Over 2K Learned from Lynda

Lynda.comDuring April, the 2,000th person in the SMU community signed on to lyndaCampus for the first time. We introduced LyndaCampus in late 2015 to provide current SMU students, staff, and faculty access to the thousands of business, software, technology, and creative skills online training available from lynda.com. These training courses viewable from campus, home, or on-the-go, with the Lynda.com app. We are excited to see the SMU community bring Lynda into their home, studies, and learning. Continue reading Over 2K Learned from Lynda

Important information about Windows 10

We are receiving several reports of machines crashing after applying updates in Windows 10.  In most of these cases, the computer has to be fully reloaded.  While we are looking for the specific update causing the issue, SMU employees, please take a moment to ensure you have a current backup of all your data. Continue reading Important information about Windows 10