Keep Working: Online Meeting Etiquette

This is part three of our “Working from Home Essentials” series, transcribed from the “Working from Home Essentials” webinar hosted in March 2020.

In this post, let us talk about online meeting etiquette because it is always a fun one. There are a ton of memes and very funny videos about online conference calls and some of the behaviors that you may observe. We will take a moment and look at a few online etiquette, or netiquette, tips because it is a little bit different meeting online than in-person.

Rachel Mulry on Zoom MeetingOur first one is to be mindful of our video feed. I usually turn on my webcam because I think it is essential to make that connection, but you will want to be cognizant of how you dress. I know if we are working from home, we might be a little bit more Continue reading Keep Working: Online Meeting Etiquette

Learning Paths to Working Remotely

We recently encouraged the campus community to make plans to support the scenario where in-person courses must be moved online during an emergency or extended campus outage. We also want to encourage those working in more administrative and supportive roles to consider how they modify their work routines if needing to work remotely.

Learning Paths

There are challenges to working remotely, from managing teams to staying focused. LinkedIn Learning has several videos for those new to working from home and managing those teams that do. We have created a couple of Learning Paths for those working from home and those managing remote teams. Continue reading Learning Paths to Working Remotely

Text Mining Practicum Course Returns for 2020

The Office of Information Technology is offering our popular Text Mining Practicum again! Members of the SMU community will gain an introduction to the tools needed for evaluating data from the shortest tweets to the largest repositories of scientific information. Participants will also get an introduction to R and the Tidyverse.

R logoR is a programming language that is used by many academic disciplines to analyze and visualize large amounts of data. The Tidyverse is an ecosystem of libraries built on R that makes it useful for text mining. You don’t have to be a computer scientist to learn and utilize R – In fact, R is becoming quite popular in humanities fields. Continue reading Text Mining Practicum Course Returns for 2020

Making Sitecore Approachable with Individual Instruction

Sitecore Individual InstructionWith Sitecore being the official web tool for the campus, we want it to not only be a success for the University but using it to be successful for you too. OIT provides regular training classes, webinars, and SMU-specific documentation for using Sitecore. Beyond that, we offer several Sitecore Clinics, walk-in sessions where users can get their questions answers, and Individual Instruction, where users can get personal assistance with using features and forms. Continue reading Making Sitecore Approachable with Individual Instruction