OIT Support Units Help Across Campus and Online

WelcomeWelcome back! With everything that has been happening of late, we just want to remind you of some support resources we have available for you.

IT Help Desk

Our first line of support is the IT Help Desk. If you have a tech support question or don’t know who to ask for help, reach out, and our team of specialists will assist. We have expanded your support options by adding online chat as a way of contact. Just go to smu.edu/itchat to get started.

Of course, you can still contact via phone (214-768-HELP), email (help@smu.edu), online support form (help.smu.edu), or just walk in and talk to someone at the physical Help Desk within Fondren Library. For a list of current hours, please visit smu.edu/itsupport.

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IT Support Continues During Cox Renovation

As the Cox School of Business renovation begins, faculty and staff are relocating to many different locations across the east and main campus. Many of the Cox employees will be located on the east campus. To better support faculty and staff across 75, Glenn Taylor has relocated to Expressway Towers. He will join Robert Burkett in supporting the technology needs across all buildings on the east campus. As always, faculty and staff should call the IT Help Desk at 214-768-HELP or email them at help@smu.edu if there are any support needs.  Continue reading IT Support Continues During Cox Renovation

Summer 2022 Classroom Upgrades

Classroom ControlsPlanning activities are well underway for the various classrooms that will receive technology upgrades and changes during the new fiscal year. The majority of projects will be completed during the summer months.  A handful of rooms will be scheduled during Winter Break based on resource capacity and a few scheduling conflicts within the rooms themselves. Continue reading Summer 2022 Classroom Upgrades

Summer Classroom Upgrades for 2021

Each year, most of our planned classroom technology upgrades are scheduled during the summer months. The AV Installations team identified the rooms receiving new equipment or maintenance work and with faculty input from the Academic Technology Council. Most rooms received significant improvements last summer in preparation for the SMUFlex experience. Therefore, this summer’s work included fewer major overhauls and more enhancements or maintenance repairs than usual, but still offered improvements in over 100 rooms.

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