Box Departmental Storage Coming

BoxBeginning February 15, we will be accepting requests for departmental storage using Box. With Box, departments will have unlimited storage on the cloud system to collaborate and share files. These departmental folders will show up in your Box space and will be designated by a blue folder icon. Collaborated folderTo request a departmental folder in Box, please contact the OIT Help Desk at We will need to know your department or school, the preferred name for your folder, and those individuals who will require access. It’s important to note that Box uses “waterfall” permissions; this means that users can be added to subfolders without impacting the top-level permissions, but permissions granted at the top level cannot be revoked from subfolders! Please keep this in mind when requesting a resource, and add only the minimum required users to your top-level folder. You can always add additional users to your subfolders later.

For additional information on managing folders in Box, please see Folder And Subfolder Permissions.

OIT will soon provide guidance on migration of data from Locker.SMU and BStore.SMU to Box. Stay tuned!

Box.SMU is Now Available

The holidays may be over, but we have one more “Box” for you to open.

BoxWe are proud to announce the availability of Box.SMU. Box is a cloud-based storage and collaboration service for SMU faculty, staff and students. Files can be securely stored and easily accessed within Box from most devices. Share large files securely with anyone – even if they are not SMU employees or students. View and comment on any kind of document, and connect with coworkers – no matter what device they use

Benefits of Box 

  • Access files wherever you have an internet connection
  • View and sync files from most devices
  • Store your files securely with 256-bit multi-layered encryption
  • Unlimited storage quota
  • Upload files with a maximum size limit of 5 GB per file
  • Full text search within documents
  • Collaborate on documents with colleagues both inside and outside the University

Getting started

  1. Go to to log in. All active SMU faculty, staff, and students have access to Box.
  2. Click the “Box Login” button to access Box. At the welcome screen, click the “CONTINUE” button to log in using Single Sign-On.
    • If you are currently logged into another system using Single Sign-On, you will be directed to your online storage space in Box.
    • If you are not logged in to a system using Single Sign-On, login with your SMU ID and your SMU Password. You will then be directed to your online storage space in Box.
  3. Enjoy your new storage space.

Access Your Content

You can upload content easily to Box using your web browser. Share your content with your colleagues or outside of your company using Box‘s two ways of sharing. You can even access your files with your mobile device with the Box app.

Departmental Storage

While Box is an enterprise storage solution for SMU and is the intended replacement for Locker.SMU, we do not recommend migrating department files to the service at this time. Box is launching as an individual online storage space for faculty, staff, and students. Later this spring, we will provide Box storage for departments. Files commonly stored on the network drives, Locker.SMU, or Inside.SMU for departmental sharing and documents related to HIPAA and PII should remain on those services until the announcement of Box for departmental use.

Please contact IT Help Desk at 21-768-HELP if you have any questions or issues, or visit the Box service page at