Tech Agents Available at Move-In

Tech Agents

Students, OIT will have Tech Agents roaming the halls during Move-In to assist with getting you connected. Are you having problems with setting up your email? How about getting connected to the wireless? Need to register your devices, or even setting up the channels on your TV? The Tech Agents will be happy to help.

Look for the OIT staff in the red Tech Agents shirts. If you cannot find one, please feel free to contact the Help Desk at 214-768-HELP and we will get one dispatched to your room.

Tech Agents will be available on Wednesday (08/19) and Saturday (08/22) from 12pm – 6pm.

Classrooms Get Upgrade Over Summer

During the last few weeks of summer, several classrooms in Dallas Hall have been given a much needed upgrade.

2015-09-02_11.53.14Faculty teaching in these rooms will now notice that HDMI is an available source and the black AV box has been moved into the lectern to give you more room to stand. We’ve also re-designed the keypad interface so users can select a laptop input just by pressing a single button. (Previously it was necessary to also make a selection on the small switcher that was under the keyboard tray.) If you want to use your laptop, simply choose VGA or HDMI on the familiar keypad and plug in the appropriate cable. These rooms have also been given new projectors that provide a brighter, clearer image.

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