Eduroam Available Throughout Campus

Eduroam logoIf you will be traveling to other universities this year, be sure to checkout eduroam.  The eduroam wireless network is available at SMU as well as thousands of educational institutions around the world. SMU participates as both a service provider (for users on-campus) and as an identity provider (for users off-campus). Basically, you can use your SMU Credentials to connect to the eduroam network on other campuses and visitors can use their educational credentials to connect to the wireless network at SMU.

There is more information available on the wireless service page at

eduroam maps!

You may be interested to see a map of institutions worldwide that participate in eduroam and offer the eduroam wireless service on their campuses. Note that it may take a while to load the large amount of data on these websites.

How can I use eduroam?

Simply find the eduroam wireless network with your wireless device. For the username, use your SMU email name (i.e.,, and the same password you would use to logon to Webmail or my.SMU. You may be prompted to trust the wireless network certificate, which is safe to accept.

Once you’ve joined your device to the eduroam wireless network, you’ll find that your device should automatically connect to the eduroam wireless network here at SMU as well as at other participating institutions without being prompted again for credentials.


Chrome Ends Support for Java and Silverlight

This month, certain plug-ins will cease functioning in the Google Chrome web browser. This is a decision Google made in its development roadmap over a year ago. As Google phased out the plug-ins, there has been some workarounds, but even those workarounds will cease to function. We are aware Google Chrome is a popular browser on campus and SMU has been in conversations with the vendors of the university’s affected web applications. The suggestions based on those conversations are below.

  • AdminImages.SMU (Java) – The software vendor is working on replacement; use Internet Explorer (for linking) or Firefox for now.
  • Inside.SMU – Microsoft has offered no correction plans. Internet Explorer is the best method to work with Inside.SMU.
  • TeamDynamix (Silverlight) – Working with vendor. Use Firefox for now.

While plugins like Java and Silverlight are two of the more popular plug-ins losing support, the change is not limited to them. Below is a sample list of some of the plugins that are affected by this change to Google Chrome:

  • Java
  • Silverlight
  • Acrobat Reader (prior to Adobe Reader X)
  • Quicktime
  • Shockwave
  • Windows Media Player

All web pages that use plug-ins like these will cease functioning in Chrome in September of 2015. Chrome users will see the following messages when viewing web pages using these plugins:


For those wanting more information on Google’s decision, below are links to extended discussions on the matter.

Jonathan Bull Joins Help Desk Team

Jonathan BullThe name Jonathan Bull may sound familiar. Jonathan has been part of the Help Desk student team for the past four years. After his completing his Religious Studies degree in May, Jonathan’s time as a student worker was over. We hated to say goodbye to this wonderful student. Luckily, he felt the same.

Jonathan had once considered attending SMU as Music Performance Major. He had played Bassoon in both middle and high school. Upon his acceptance to SMU, he found Religious Studies to be his path. To prepare for his transition away from SMU, Jonathan spent the winter break working as a server at a local steakhouse. Being a shy introvert, he found the experience a bit strange. Yet, providing great customer service in that high paced environment was very similar to working at the Help Desk.

In August, Jonathan accepted a full time position as part of our Help Desk team. He is excited to continue to provide support to the campus. When asked about the new position, Jonathan commented, “To help so many people in so many different ways – the job is never boring.” With the hundreds of tickets Jonathan processed in the past couple of weeks, he is definitely not in danger of getting bored anytime soon.

In his free time, Jonathan enjoys playing with his Xbox One and spending time with his fiance.

SMU Mobile App: It’s SMU in the palm of your hand

Update: OIT is winding down its SMU Mobile app for iPhone and Android. On February 12, 2018, SMU Mobile will no longer appear in app stores and will stop working after February 28, 2018.

SMU Mobile App

SMU is releasing its first official mobile application, SMU Mobile. This new app puts SMU in the palm of your hand. As a student, you can easily access variety of information about the university, including maps, news, grades, and even the course catalog.

Find what is available for lunch in Dining. In Events, find what is currently going on near you, as all of the events from the SMU Calendar are in the app (and we’re bringing in more SMU Calendar users!). Find an event you are excited about, you can bookmark it for later or even share it to your social media account. With Social, the latest updates from SMU’s Facebook feed are available without leaving the app.

For your academic needs, not only do you have the ability to view the course catalog, but you can even view classes and grades within the app. Once you have logged into the My Courses section with your SMU ID and password, you will have access to your course listing and grades. Look for more features to be added to My Courses in the future.

The SMU Mobile application was developed as a collaboration between the Office of Public Affairs and the Office of Information Technology with assistance from the SMU Student Senate. The team will continue to refine and add new features to SMU Mobile. In the coming months, features such as YouTube and Instagram integration will be added. If you have suggestions or feature requests for the SMU Mobile App, please contact the Student Senate Committee or email

SMU Mobile App is available as a free download on iOS and Android. For all other devices, visit

Download on the App Store    Get it on Google Play


  • The iOS version requires iOS 6.0 or later.
  • The Android version requires Android 2.3.3 and up.

Internet Explorer Patch (08/21/2015)

Microsoft has released an out of band update for Internet Explorer to address a vulnerability that could allow remote code execution if a user views a specially crafted webpage using IE. As a result, all SMU client Windows workstations will be patched this Friday August 21st at 12pm.

Windows Update: RestartDue to the severity of the vulnerability, the patch will be approved for distribution via WSUS and LanDesk. Once the patch is applied, users will be prompted to reboot (either a LanDesk prompt or a Microsoft Windows prompt). Please reboot following the installation of the patch.