Let Your Mouse do the Walking: Internal Employee Directory Now Online

Old SMU 2016–2017 Directory CoverAh, the yellow pages: that massive tome – for the metroplex, anyway – filled with business listings from construction to casting (see also: talent agencies), bakeries to basket weavers, and so on. Until recently, SMU had its own print directory, Mustang Connections sponsored by SMU Student Media, that featured listings for students, faculty, staff members, and even department information. This directory served as SMU’s own reliable “yellow pages” – even though the pages were blue or gray – for some time, but eventually, technology innovations and environmental concerns caused SMU to move on.

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MS Teams Now Open to All!

Microsoft Teams Logo without TextThe month of April proved to be a successful one for our Microsoft Teams rollout, with the early adopter program helping to tie up loose ends. Now, we are opening up Teams to the entire SMU community!

SMU faculty, staff, and students can now head to smu.edu/teams, click the Login button, and use their SMU e-mail and password to access this new service for cloud-based team collaboration. Once you’ve accessed Teams, you can create your own teams and invite individuals to chat and collaborate on projects. Plus, as an educational institution, we also get additional features tailored to academic uses.

If you’re ready to learn more about Microsoft Teams, we have some resources for you. In addition to Microsoft’s ten-part training video series, there are several courses available in LinkedIn Learning that you can access.

AudioCodes 445HD to be Primary Phone for Campus

AudioCodes 445HD TelephoneA few weeks ago, OIT announced that a new phone system will begin to be deployed over the next year. As part of this announcement, we informed you that there would be two different phones provided to the SMU community. After continued testing of the features and functionality of each phone, we have decided to go with just one primary device for all employees. That model is the AudioCodes 445HD.

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Anti-Phishing Campaign Expands to Student Accounts

AnitPhish (Anti-Phishing Campaign)After the success of our anti-phishing campaigns sent to faculty and staff, the OIT Security team will soon be expanding this program to the student body to continue to educate as many in the community as possible about what to look for in suspicious e-mails.

Phishing is one of the most common ways that criminals use to obtain your login credentials or other personal information to wreak havoc. By learning what to expect in these messages, you can get rid of them quickly instead of getting tricked! Students can expect these anti-phishing campaign messages to be sent out starting this week.

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Microsoft Edge’s Chrome Makeover

Microsoft Edge LogoIt was reported a while back that Microsoft was planning to abandon its current Internet Explorer replacement, Microsoft Edge, and instead make Edge into a clone of Chromium. Chromium is the open-source browser project that serves as the foundation for Google Chrome, Opera, and several other web browsers.

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