Abnormal Email Security to Replace Armorblox

Email warning iconAs the Armorblox email security application has been discontinued, OIT will be replacing it with Abnormal Email Security to supplement our Microsoft Defender spam filter. Abnormal utilizes artificial intelligence to find and eliminate emails that contain threats to data security. We intend to turn on Abnormal Security on Thursday, January 18.

What does this switch mean to you? Thankfully, reporting spam still works exactly the same! You can still use the Report Message button in Outlook, move messages to your Junk E-Mail folder, or forward messages to spam@smu.edu.

As always, while our filtering eliminates the vast majority of spam and malicious e-mails, it’s always important to stay vigilant when opening messages that may be suspicious. When in doubt, let us know!

Need Continuing Ed Credits This Year? LinkedIn Learning Can Help!

LinkedIn Learning logoAs we enter a new year, many of us like to set new goals and resolutions to make the best of the coming months. With 2024 now underway, you may be trying to plan out when you will take continuing education courses to keep your certifications current. Thankfully, you can do so at your own pace using your access to LinkedIn Learning! Continue reading Need Continuing Ed Credits This Year? LinkedIn Learning Can Help!

2023: A Year of Internet of Things Innovation and Collaboration

Photography and additional reporting by Guillermo Vasquez.

Two people using a flying drone outdoors.2023 has proven to be a pivotal year in the evolution of our Research Development and Internet of Things (IoT) services. With new equipment and new relationships forged across campus, Guillermo Vasquez and his IoT Lab have been hard at work to bring data points once thought ephemeral into the realm of data-driven research.

From the ballroom to the physics lab, ideas and resources have come together in the IoT Lab to implement the quickly growing Internet of Things ecosystem in all disciplines. A key aspect of this level of service is the deep collaboration Guillermo undertakes with researchers to truly understand their needs and develop solutions that can effectively and efficiently deliver results for world-changing research projects. Continue reading 2023: A Year of Internet of Things Innovation and Collaboration

Halcyon Anti-Ransomware to Protect Campus Devices

no ransomware iconOver the past decade, the threat of ransomware has affected institutions ranging from hospitals to commercial businesses to K-12 and higher education. Ransomware consists of nefarious software installed on devices clandestinely to eventually encrypt your data to prevent access. The criminal then requests a ransom in order to decrypt your data. OIT will begin implementing a new software, Halcyon Anti-Ransomware, starting Tuesday, December 19, 2023, to help find and prevent ransomware, further protecting SMU’s sensitive data and business processes. Continue reading Halcyon Anti-Ransomware to Protect Campus Devices

College Access Programs, OIT Create New Digital Document Repository

SMU’s College Access Programs office within the Simmons school have long helped first-generation, underrepresented, and low-income students achieve their dreams of a college education here on the Hilltop since 1966. Including TRIO programs like Upward Bound and McNair Scholars, this office has previously handled thousands of student records and grant financial data largely with paper forms and manual storage methods. Both the College Access office and OIT staffer Keven Jones saw a unique opportunity to leverage OIT resources and College Access’ trove of useful data to create a digital document management repository for past and future students and initiatives. Continue reading College Access Programs, OIT Create New Digital Document Repository