Booking Appointments with LibCal

LibCal logoDuring these unprecedented times, it is important to remember that SMU OIT has resources to make your life easier. This includes LibCal, also know as booking.smu, a cloud-based appointment scheduling application available for use by faculty and staff. It is already being used by most academic advisors to meet with students. LibCal allows you to: Continue reading Booking Appointments with LibCal

Paper Forms Go Digital with DocuSign

Docusign logoThe current COVID-19 situation has us all exploring how to perform our regular duties and services online. As you consider your business processes, remember that any paper forms that you rely on can potentially be moved to DocuSign. DocuSign is a secure, online platform for routing documents and obtaining authenticated online signatures. Many SMU departments are already relying on DocuSign to perform actions like: Continue reading Paper Forms Go Digital with DocuSign