OIT Wraps Up Projects in time for Winter

OITOIT has completed several project initiatives over the past few months. We appreciate the continued partnership and support of the campus community during these implementations. We’d like to share a few examples of the changes and innovations that have taken place thanks to your ideas and cooperation. Continue reading OIT Wraps Up Projects in time for Winter

Gaining Visibility into IT Projects

In addition to providing day to day operation of IT services, OIT is engaged in a number of projects to support the University. For instance, even if a department has selected a new software vendor, IT is routinely called upon to assist at some level with an implementation.  As we receive projects on a daily basis, each one is reviewed, approved, and then entered into TeamDynamix, our Project Management software. Project Managers are then selected and are responsible for spearheading the project, including communicating with appropriate personnel. We make these project available for review through TeamDynamix.

Project Highlights

We currently have over 60 projects that we are managing. Included are highlights of some of our critical summer projects: Continue reading Gaining Visibility into IT Projects