How to set up a TA in my.SMU

I wanted to make sure that those who are responsible for managing class scheduling in my.SMU know how to set up a TA, or Teaching Assistant, in the Instructor/Advisor table and add them to class sections. In previous years, TA information could be added to learning management systems (Blackboard/Canvas) directly. This is no longer the case. If a TA needs to be attached to a class section, they must first be added to the section in my.SMU. Continue reading How to set up a TA in my.SMU

Getting TA’s and Others in Your Canvas Course

Canvas Tips & TricksThe process to put people and classes into Canvas is an automated one; whatever information is in my.SMU is what will be used to populate those users and roles into Canvas. There are several designations in my.smu that help to get people in their correct course and role, such as, Instructors, Co-Instructors, TAs, and students. All students, Instructors, secondary instructors, observing/supervising instructors, and students are enrolled every couple of hours throughout the week. Continue reading Getting TA’s and Others in Your Canvas Course

Canvas WalkMe Provides Canvas WalkThru

Canvas Tips & TricksThe new Canvas WalkMe provides real-time guidance that is easy to follow. WalkMe simplifies the user experience by providing on-screen, step-by-step guidance at the moment of need so that our instructors can complete any task successfully. This makes learning specific Canvas tasks more efficient and boosts SMU’s overall productivity. Continue reading Canvas WalkMe Provides Canvas WalkThru

Important Turnitin Update

Turnitin has released a major product upgrade that will soon be available at SMU. The new version of the service, called Turnitin Feedback Studio, offers all the functionalities of Turnitin, but with a simplified, more intuitive interface designed for the modern classroom. Turnitin Feedback Studio will make it faster and easier than ever to promote academic integrity, provide actionable feedback, and evaluate student learning at Southern Methodist University.

Feedback StudioWe plan to upgrade our version of Turnitin to Feedback Studio on Tuesday, May 31, 2016. Once upgraded, you can expect to see a new interface when you open up a student’s paper in Turnitin. Your students will also experience this new and improved interface when viewing Similarity Reports and receiving feedback.

To get acquainted with the upgraded Turnitin Feedback Studio and prepare for a successful implementation, you can:

End of Term Course Conclusion for Canvas

Canvas LMS LogoAt the end of every term, (dates are set in accordance with the academic calendar) all Canvas courses for that term will automatically be concluded.
When all courses are concluded at midnight the last day of the term, students will then transition to “Read-Only” access. Instructors will have an additional 14 days of “Full Access” after that, in order to complete grading.

If your course dates exceed the normal term, please call the help desk to put in a ticket and we will contact you to help adjust your course.
If you have an incomplete, please call the help desk to put in a ticket and we will contact you to help make the adjustment.

Spring 2016 dates

Student full access ends midnight May 10th
Instructors full access end midnight May 24th