Future Changes in Duo Service

DuoDuo provides two-factor authentication for most SMU accounts. Verifying your identity with a second factor, like a mobile device, helps prevent others from using your SMU account to log in, even if they know your password.

Duo authentication can be accomplished through the Duo Mobile app, via a hardware token, using a telephone, or with SMS. However, security concerns with the telephone and SMS features are known to present a real risk to the security of your account. Therefore, SMU will be eliminating the landline and SMS options over the next several months. Continue reading Future Changes in Duo Service

Cox Student Ranks 3rd in State for Microsoft Office Championship Qualifier

Megan WaldronDuring spring 2021, Megan Waldron enrolled in ITOM 2308 (Information Systems Management). She was one of 155 students tasked to complete the Excel Associate and Excel Expert certifications.

Before the exam, Megan registered to enter her exam score as part of the Texas state qualifier for the Microsoft Office U.S National Championship. To her surprise, Megan made a perfect score completing the 50-minute exam in just 31 minutes and ranked 3rd in Texas for her time and score.
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Microsoft Office Certifications Add Valuable Benefits to CCPA Course

Piyawan (Pui) Charoensap-Kelly, PhD
Dr. Piyawan (Pui) Charoensap-Kelly

Last summer, I had the opportunity to meet with Dr.  Piyawan Charoensap-Kelly, also known as Dr. Kelly, assistant professor of organizational communication for Meadows’ Corporate Communication and Public Affairs division.

We met to discuss onboarding Dr. Kelly’s students of CCPA 3360: Business and Professional Communication to the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification program. Dr. Kelly explained that this course examines both written and oral communications and also focuses on professional development. In our discussion, she mentioned that she was interested in having her students pursue both the Microsoft Word and PowerPoint certifications, which would complement designated learning outcomes.

This semester, Dr. Kelly reached out to me to earn her own certifications alongside her students. I took a moment to follow up and see how things went both for her and her class. Continue reading Microsoft Office Certifications Add Valuable Benefits to CCPA Course

New Federal Regulations to Affect Telephone Placement

AAudioCodes 445HD TelephoneTo maintain FCC compliance and University employee safety, the Office of Information Technology (OIT), in conjunction with the Office of Risk Management and the SMU Police Department, is developing a roadmap for the removal of all non-compliant telephone devices.

Under Kari’s Law, for a phone to comply, it must have the capability to dial 9-1-1 directly. Similar to a computer, users must sign in to the AudioCodes phone for them to operate. If the user has not signed in to their phone, no calls can be made, including calls to 9-1-1. The Ray Baum act ensures protection for our campus by requiring all phones have a “dispatchable location” when you call 9-1-1. Phones that are not logged in prevent users from calling, and phones that are not signed in after a password has changed will not provide a 9-1-1 dispatcher with the location information for that phone. Continue reading New Federal Regulations to Affect Telephone Placement

Campus Computers and Upcoming Power Maintenance 

power surgeSMU has been informed that Oncor needs to perform preventative maintenance to upgrade equipment during both the weekends of April 10-11 and April 17-18. This maintenance will briefly affect power on the SMU campus. Two brief power fluctuations and possible wired and wireless fluctuations will occur twice during each weekend.  The first will occur around 7 a.m. on Saturday, and the second around 6 p.m. on Sunday. While the power will simply flicker, out of caution we are recommending all computers and classroom equipment be powered off Friday evening. Continue reading Campus Computers and Upcoming Power Maintenance