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Canvas Plus: June 2024 Edition

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In our Canvas Plus Monthly, we discuss the new features and enhancements available in Canvas and any updates to academic technology/software integrated into the Canvas LMS. Updates are made available in Canvas by the 3rd weekend of the month. 

Canvas Courses

Display Inactive Sections

When a student’s enrollment is deactivated, an inactive label displays next to each inactive section on the People page and in the user context card. This update allows instructors to easily determine which section enrollments are inactive for a student.

When a student's enrollment is deactivated, an inactive label displays next to each inactive section on the People page and in the user context card.

Course Dates, Term Dates, and Section Dates Display

In the Course Section tab, the course dates, term dates and section dates display. This update allows instructors to quickly view all important dates related to a course.

The course dates, term dates, and sections dates display features in Canvas.

SpeedGrader Randomize Student Sort

In SpeedGrader Settings, instructors can randomize the order of students. This update improves the prevention of grading fatigue and biases when grading students.

The randomize student sort option in SpeedGrader.

Studio Media Comment Screen Capture and Auto Captioning in SpeedGrader

In SpeedGrader, the Studio media recorder is introduced for screen capture and captioning.  This update enhances the clarity of instructor feedback and improves accessibility by providing a streamlined user experience.

Please Note: Closed captions may not be generated instantaneously and may require some time to process and appear.

The screen capture and auto captioning option in SpeedGrader.

To record a media comment, click the Record icon.

Enabling the screen capture option in SpeedGrader.

When creating a media comment in SpeedGrader, click the Screen Capture drop-down menu [1] and then select Enabled [2] to screen record. Captioning is auto-enabled for voiceovers.

Note: Screen Capture is disabled by default.

The share dialog for screen captures in SpeedGrader.

Once Screen Capture is enabled, instructors can select to share a specific Chrome tab [1], specific window [2] or their entire screen [3]. Then, click the Share button [4].

The webcam options in SpeedGrader.

To manage webcams, click the Camera drop-down menu [1]. Instructors can choose to enable an available camera [2] or disable the camera [3].

Additional Studio Details & Browser Compatability

The Studio screen capture and captioning features for media comments are only available in SpeedGrader. Additionally, the recorder is only available in Chrome and Edge. Currently, there are no plans to introduce support for Firefox and Safari to the recorder. The Studio recorder for playback will be introduced in a future release.

Import/Copy Feature Enforced in New Quizes

When New Quizzes is enabled, the Import existing quizzes as New Quizzes checkbox is available by default on the Import Content page and Copy a Course page. Additionally, the New Quizzes Migration During Course Import/Copy feature option is removed.

Note: This change does not affect the functionality or operation of the feature option, nor does it force migration of New Quizzes. This update simplifies functionality, making it more convenient for administrators to utilize feature options.

The import feature for New Quizzes.

On the Import Content page, the Import existing quizzes to New Quizzes checkbox is available by default.

The import as New Quizzes option on the Copy a Course page.

Additionally, on the Copy a Course page, the Import existing quizzes as New Quizzes checkbox is available by default.

Canvas Integrations

Lucid Integration

Lucid Edu suite is integrated and enabled by default in all Canvas instances hosted in the US. This integration offers real-time collaboration tools to enhance interactions among users. In the Rich Content Editor toolbar, users can access the Lucid EDU suite using the Lucid icon [1] or the External Apps icon [2].

Read more about the Lucid integration in the latest Canvas Release Notes.

The Lucid Integration tool in Canvas.

Canvas-Related Training Sessions

The PlayPosit Exchange

This is a two-day event coming up on June 20 and 21 from 10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

During these two days, we’ll share innovative strategies through user-led sessions and new techniques to boost learning outcomes. Our goal is to foster a collaborative culture and empower institutions to take their PlayPosit practices to the next level!

Learning from inspiring speaker sessions. Get ideas from educators who are successfully using PlayPosit to improve student engagement and promote deeper understanding. Networking and sharing experiences. Connect with other educators and PlayPosit enthusiasts from across the country. Boosting faculty development. Encourage a culture of innovation within your institution, and empower your colleagues to take their instruction to the next level.

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Panopto Personal Training

Have general questions about anything Panopto? Come to the trainer office hours! Just click the link below to join the live personal training every Thursday at Noon.

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